UV5 – Groundwork – Defender on their back, attacker in the mount position (kneeling across the hips) – k1), k2), k3) and k4)

Release from choke on the ground

k1) – Release and trap one of the choking hands and stab to the eyes or throat with the fingers of the other hand. Keep the pressure on the hand trapped at the throat, drive up with the fingers and rotate with the hips so that it throws the opponent to the side. Roll with them, counter attack

k2) – Hook the choking hands downwards, bridging the hips upwards and throwing the attacker diagonally forwards. Counter attack

k3) – Against a choke when the attacker is leaning forward so that their weight is on their hands, strike just above both elbows with the part of the hand between the thumb and forefinger, at the same time bridging up with the hips and diagonally throwing the attacker to the side. Counter-attack

(Release from a choke when both heads are close together) k4a) – Hook down one of the choking hands and poke in the eye with other hand. Bridge

k4b) – Hook down one of the choking hands and strike downwards with the inner part of the forearm on the base of the neck. Bridge