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KMCO Founder

Simon Pither

Our Story

Learning any kind of Self Defence system is hard enough even when you have a really good instructor nearby – but what if you live somewhere where there isn’t one, or you want to learn something that isn’t on offer?

This is the entire reason for this site – you can now access superb training (even if I say so myself!) from anywhere in the world – you can even start your own group and use the lessons to grow and build a club in your own area.

There are three years worth of Krav Maga training in this site, so there is no shortage of content and it is all broken down, explained and demonstrated clearly, and then supported by full 90 minute Instructor led Classes.

The lessons are brought to you primarily by me, but this site represents years of work from many people to offer you the best Krav Maga instruction available anywhere in the world.

Enjoy !

Meet Our Team

The content in this site would just not be possible without the invaluable assistance of the people below. Everything from discussions on techniques, to hundreds of outtakes and re-shoots – these things take time!

Simon Pither – Founder

2nd Darga FEKM Black Belt
KMCO Founder
FEKM-UK Founder & President (www.fekm-uk.com)
KMSD Technical Director (www.kravdefence.co.uk)

I started martial arts at a Judo club in my local town when I was 14, and loved it. 4 years later I went to University and started to broaden my horizons by dabbling in Aikido, Karate, Kung Fu and Boxing, finally becoming involved with the Marbo school of martial arts and graduating after 5 years as an instructor in 1995. I continued teaching until 2003, took a break for few years and then started learning White Crane Kung Fu, before joining a local Krav Maga Club in 2011. Krav Maga was in its infancy in the UK at the time, however the club already had some links with the European Federation of Krav Maga and during a winter seminar we approached them to help us develop a FEKM ‘UK Sector’. Yann Vei and Eric Tagliana from KMC92, one of the largest clubs in Paris, offered to assist us, and embarked on over 5 years work to make the FEKM-UK what it is today. However, the journey is just beginning!

Yann Vei – Technical Consultant

4th Darga FEKM Black Belt – Direct Student of Richard Douieb
FEKM-UK Founder & Technical Director (www.fekm-uk.com)
FEKM-Cameroon Technical Director
KMC92 Founder (www.kmc92.com)
Krav Maga Instructor for the Ministry of the Armed Forces of France
Co-Author of the Official Krav Maga manual with Richard Douieb and Djamel Ouazine

Olo Matura

FEKM Black Belt
KMSD Instructor (www.kravdefence.co.uk)

Nick Kitson

FEKM Brown Belt
EKM Instructor (www.eitankravmaga.com)
2nd Dan Tomiki Aikido Black Belt

My martial arts history started at the tender age of nine years old, when my father took me to a boxing club. I boxed for five years, reached the final of the minors and reached the semi finals of national championships as a senior. During that time I also  had the honour of representing England.   I did a couple of years of Tae Kwon Do but left London to go to University.  When I returned to London I took up Aikido, and practised for 15 years achieving my second dan in Tomiki Aikido.  And then I found Krav Maga….

Henri Sinet

FEKM Brown Belt
KMSD Instructor (www.kravdefence.co.uk)

David Monty

FEKM Green Belt
KMSD Instructor (www.kravdefence.co.uk)

Numbers Talk ! The European Federation of Krav Maga is highly respected for its discipline and technical content, and by the number of licencees is the largest of its type in the world.





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