Learn Self Defense at Home with
Qualified FEKM Krav Maga Instructors

Years of experience, just for you.

Proven Structure

Our weekly training themes allow you to learn self defense at your own pace for optimal personal development.

Technical Content

Every punch, kick and self defense scenario is demonstrated and then explained in depth.

Premium Material

This is 100% Krav Maga from the FEKM – the largest Krav Maga federation in the world.

Start at the beginning…

There are over 20 hours of specific technical instruction for each course, so that you can learn self defense at home, at your own pace. Rewatch each of the krav maga techniques and practise them alongside the instructor – better yet, train with a friend and get the benefit of physical feedback in your training!


Krav Maga Fundamentals (Yellow Belt Programme)

The Building Blocks of Krav Maga - the fast, simple and effective methods of self defence that anyone can do. This course will give you the tools you need to develop your skills in an easily understood format.


Krav Maga Core Skills (Orange Belt Programme)

In this course you extend your self defence capabilities by combining the set of skills that you have developed in the fundamentals with new techniques, combinations and self defence scenarios.


Krav Maga Integration (Green Belt Programme)

This is the phase in your training where you start to extend your physical capabilities and work on greater strength, fitness and flexibility. With this comes an increase in technical requirements and extensions of already existing techniques.

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