UV7 – Fight – 2 rounds of 2 minutes, 30 seconds break – Rules – a), b), c), d1), d2), d3), e1), e2), e3), f), g), h), i)


  1. Hard fight for students 18-40 years old, light fight for 40+ years old
  2. Students must be matched to within 10kg of each other
  3. All protection (groin, shin, gum shield and gloves (min 12 ozs)) must be worn
  4. The participants are not graded by winning or losing but by the following:
  • demonstrating courage, determination, clear-headedness and composure under pressure
  • not avoiding contact: willfully engaging in physical combat with their opponent
  • respecting their opponent

Before the fight the examiner must remind the participants of their moral obligations and the safety rules they must respect as follows :

  1. If a student has the opportunity to make the following blows, they must be simulated for safety:
  • Head Butt
  • Strikes to the spine / back of neck
  • Fingers in the eyes
  1. If a student is struck in the groin, they must take a couple of steps back to acknowledge the advantage gained by their opponent
  2. All throws and takedowns must be executed with safety, and if the fight goes to the ground and gloves are removed, care must be taken to avoid serious injury – simulated strikes to throat and eyes particularly
  3. If a student finds that they are immobilised on the ground or their partner has their fingers on their eyes or throat, they must tap twice to acknowledge the advantage and the fight will then be paused and brought back to standing position
  4. If a student receives a serious blow, the examiner will reduce the fight to a light fight for a short period of time until they are sure that the student has recovered. The fight may also be stopped completely depending on the severity of the blow.