UV5 – Groundwork – b1) and b2)

Attacker is in the guard, and choking with forearm

b1) – If the attacker is using the right forearm, strike across with the left hand onto the back of the elbow pushing the forearm off the throat, at the same time wrapping the body with the right arm either above or below the attackers left shoulder. From here bring both feet over the attacker’s legs, hook the toes underneath the shins and straighten the legs, bringing the attacker down. At this point bring the right foot back to the outside with the bottom of the foot on the floor and push off and roll to the left with the bridge motion to get into a control position in the mount. Strike and get up

b2) – As above, but instead of doing the bridge, bring the right foot to the outside and then hook the toes under the outside of the attackers left leg and lift it up and over the attacker’s body, the weight of which will turn the attacker over and allow the transition into the mount position. Strike and get up