UV5 – Groundwork – d1)

The attacker is sitting to the left and strangling with both hands

(Drive into the attacker’s throat with the left fingers at the same time using the right hand to release and pin the attackers left hand to the throat. As the attacker’s torso goes backwards make the shrimp motion and bring the left knee into the attacker’s stomach to keep them at a distance. From here there are three options):

d1a) – Kick the attacker in the head with the right shin/foot

d1b) – Bring the right leg over the attackers head, hook around the neck and extend the leg, bringing the attacker to the floor in a straight arm lock. The attackers left wrist must be pinned as closely to the throat as possible during the takedown to the floor to ensure a good lock

d1c) – As above, but if the attacker starts to lean forward and is making it difficult to bring them to the floor in an arm lock, keep the knee and leg in the same position and rotate the body on the shoulders towards the attacker so that the head passes underneath the attackers torso. As the head comes out from under the torso, continue to straighten the attackers arm into an arm lock to the side