UV2 – Grabs and chokes – Bear hugs from the front – f1) and f2)

Under the arms with the attacker’s body high

f1) – Bring both hands up, put a thumb underneath the attacker’s nose with one hand, cup the back of the head with the other and then rotate the head backwards until it will not go any further. At this point press directly downwards (not away from the body) and as the attackers body goes towards the floor, step slightly around them and forward to maintain balance and once they are lying on the floor move to kick or stamp to the face. CAUTION: Do this technique slowly to avoid neck damage

(The initial control of the head in the above technique can be managed in two other ways depending on the position of the attacker’s head) f2a) – Pushing the thumbs into the eyes. This technique is not intended to damage the eyes but to facilitate the push

f2b) – Pulling the hair and using the chin as a lever