UV4 – Techniques from guard position and fighting techniques – Strikes – c1), c2) c3), c4) and c5)


(Crescent kick) c1a) – Outer-crescent kick (striking with the outside of the foot)

c1b) – Inner-crescent kick (striking with the inside of the foot)

c2) – Hook kick (striking with the heel, lead leg only)

(Switch kick) c3a) – Front kick with the right foot simultaneously bringing the left foot back so that the hips stay in the same place, and the right foot strikes the target at the same time that the left foot touches the floor, ending up in reverse guard

(Straight jumping scissor-kick) c4a) – Bring the lead knee up sharply and power off the floor with the rear leg. While in the air rotate the lead knee backwards bringing the hips forwards and striking the target with the rear foot

(Rotate away from the attacker and kick with the rear leg) c5a) – Uppercut kick

c5b) – Back kick

c5c) – Side kick

c5d) – Spinning hook kick

c5e) – Spinning crescent kick