UV5 – Groundwork – c1a), c2a) and c2b)

Techniques from the guard position (between the legs of the person on the floor):

(The defender is in the attacker’s guard) c1a) – Learn how to be stable in the position, strike the attacker and get up safely

(The attacker is in the defender’s guard) c2a) – Cover the head (elbows locked in front, palms to back of head) and move and rotate against strikes from the attacker. Parry and strike or 360 and strike, then grab behind the head and pull in and control the head. From here strike with the other hand with a punch, palm strike, finger strike, elbow or use the heel to strike to the back

c2b) – As the attacker is striking, shrimp to one side and place the foot from the side of the body that is touching the floor on the attacker’s hip. Push backwards with that foot into the attacker’s hip for support and roll onto the shoulders and kick the head with other leg. Raise the body up and place the foot that has just kicked flat on the ground and bring the opposite hand to the floor. Balance on this foot and hand, raise up, kick the opponent in the chest with the foot that was on the hip, then pull that leg underneath the body and stand