UV1 – Techniques from Neutral Position (front on, no guard) – Strikes without warning (No Telegraphing) – b1), b2), b3) and b4)

9 elbow strikes at close range

(Facing the opponent) b1a) – Circular to the face/jaw

b1b) – Uppercut to the jaw

(With the opponent leaning forward in front) 2a) – Downwards strike to the back of the neck

(With the attacker to the side) b3a) – With the arm nearest to the attacker, bring the arm up and drive the elbow directly into the throat or face

b3b) – With the arm nearest to the attacker, uppercut bringing the elbow up under the jaw

b3c) – With the arm furthest from the attacker, circular strike to the face/jaw

(With the opponent directly behind) b4a) – Circular backwards strike to the face/jaw

b4b) – Straight backwards strike to the center of the body/solar plexus

b4c) – Uppercut backwards strike to the chin. This will require leaning forward and also sliding both feet back to get into position