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No. 2

Lockdown Training Programme

During this new lockdown the FEKM-UK will providing a National Programme of Online training from our Instructor Team. This will include one session via Zoom on a Monday night from 7:30-8:30 pm which will be a technical programme for all grades from Yellow to Black, and will be segmented for each grade. On Wednesdays there will be a general Zoom class which will be run by one of the UK black belts and be a general class for everyone.

This week the structure is as follows:

Monday 16/11/20 @ 19:30-20:30

Yellow Belt Syllabus – Petri Lahdemaki
Zoom code: 863 7104 8641 Password: 918857

Orange Belt Syllabus – Simon Pither
Zoom code : 883 9346 7226 Password: 331532

Green Belt Syllabus – Victoria and Nicholas Kitson
Zoom code : 949 462 3096 Password: 020106

Blue Belt Syllabus – Olo and Iwona Matura
Zoom code: 521 686 2677 Password: 455766

Brown & Black Belt Syllabus – Jamie Daniels
Zoom code: 875 1894 6550 Password: 695035

Wednesday 11/11/20 @ 19:30-20:30

‘Critical Krav Seminar’

Petri Lahdemaki
Zoom code : 999 007 1723

Themed Class this Week: Lesson 2

These are full 90-minute sessions covering all elements of the Krav Maga Classes Online Lessons for each of the Fundamentals, Core Skills, and Integration Courses.

To get the most out of this session you will need to have already registered online for the course you want to work on here: and then watched the videos and read the instructions so that you are clear on what we will be doing!

This helps to avoid wasting too much time sitting down and watching during the session.

What I will be doing is to run the warm up, then move into the structure of the class : Revision Techniques, Technique 1, Active Content 1, Technique 2, Active Content 2, Self defence scenario and then a warm down.

It is important though for you to have watched the videos first…

Any feedback you have – please like/share the videos

See you there !


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